Sophie 2017
Performance Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Schedules for:

  Dec. 7th - Dec. 8th,  2017: ALL Performers Click Here
(refresh this page to ensure you're seeing the correct dates for the current schedule that is posted.)

Dec. 9th - Dec. 16th,  2017:
all dancers carefully review the following individual schedules:

  • General Information Flyer (Pre-Ballet Senior Dancers): Click Here
  • General Information Flyer (Bunnnies, Henrietta & Polar Bears ONLY): Click Here
  • Costume info (items furnished by dancers): Click Here
  • Senior & Jr. 5c Dancers: Click Here
  • Junior 4a, 4b, 5a, & 5b dancers: Click Here
  • Soldiers, Elves, Raggedies (etc.): Click Here
  • School Children, Gypsy, Tabitha, Clowns, Sombrero, Marionettes (etc.): Click Here
  • Bunnies, Henrietta, Polar Bears: Click Here
    Please read these schedules carefully for any changes that
    may be different than previously discussed rehearsal times.
    Thank you.