Adult Ballet Benefits the Mind and The Body

It’s Never to Late to Learn

While other adults are going to work in the morning or spending an evening at home, a dedicated group of individuals fills the dance studios pursuing something more than “Just Exercise.”  What brings these students to the Adult/Teen program at Marin Dance Theatre?  The answer is simple; a program specifically designed for Adults.  Because of the varied needs of the students in this division, the program provides something for everyone. Morning and Evening classes are offered in Ballet ranging from beginning to advanced.  Not only is the instruction critical to the program, but also the development of an educational atmosphere that is supportive, demanding and fun.

First and foremost, the program is for adults and teens. Instead of placing adults in with children, the classes are specifically designed so their peers surround those students.  Students do not feel intimidated and can learn in a relaxed atmosphere. The times and the number of classes offer ample opportunity for students to design their own schedule. It also encourages them to make the commitment to do something that challenges the mind as well as the body.

The instructional levels within the classes have to be complex enough to meet the different needs of the students, yet simple enough to make sure that students do not become discouraged along the way.  Whether it is a new beginner or a professional dancer, they will find a class that will meet their needs.  For the young adult or teenager that cannot find the time for the rigorous 5-day a week schedule, the classes provide an opportunity to dance at a level meeting their abilities. The classes are taught on a professional level, emphasizing personal achievement and growth. The program presents a unique and challenging opportunity found nowhere else in the country. From homemaker to professional, teens to those in the upper prime of their lives, it is an experience that speaks well of the success of the program.  As one student so aptly expressed “Ballet to me is a form of mental relaxation, physical exhilaration, a psychiatrist away from the couch and onto the barre, a world away from the everyday chores and duties, and all to wonderful music. ”The program is designed to enrich the lives of each participant, whether it is physical, mental or even social.  The students in the division serve as their own support group. “We encourage each other, we commiserate our failures and we applaud our accomplishments,” remarked one of the regular students.

The program designed and taught by Nancy Gallenson showcases her extensive experience as both a dancer and instructor. The program is best described in the words of one of the many longtime students: Nancy Gallenson, the lady who awakens the passion of dance in me and continues to nurture my love for Ballet through her enthusiasm for teaching. In my constant pursuit for balance, she gives me the confidence to let go of the barre.