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Letís All Dance!

Photo by Hwei-Li Tsao

Focus: Arts Education - Dance Classes for Children K-5th


  • Specialized dance classes during school hours  appropriate for each grade level

  • Address the specific needs of each school

  • Schools may choose to incorporate a student performance


  • Meets the need for exposure to dance arts programs at the elementary school level in accordance with the California and National Dance Standards.

  • Provides an introduction to creative movement, sequencing, aesthetic valuing and concepts of performance  using multiple dance forms, including ballet, modern, samba, swing and African dance.

Photo by Hwei-Li Tsao

Marin Dance Theatre Letís All Dance! (LAD!) provides students and teachers with opportunities to experience the arts of dance and music through our In-School Residencies consisting of weekly dance classes in the public schools of Marin and Novato.  In some cases, we conclude with a final school-wide performance including performances by students, as well as by our professional dance and music artists who have been in residency in each school. Parents and community members are invited to attend these exciting performances.

Photo by Hwei-Li Tsao

Residencies cover a variety of cultural dance forms taught by a team of multi-ethnic professional dance teaching artists / performers who are top in their fields of expertise. Classes serve as an introduction to such forms as: ballet, modern, hip-hop, ballroom, Classical Indian, and Afro-Brazilian dance. In these classes, children learn extended movement sequences and are introduced to basic cultural information about the dance and the culture from which it comes through videos and brief lecture / demonstrations.  For some dance forms, a music artist accompanies the class and teaches students about the interrelationship of dance and music in that particular cultural form.

Each residency is based on a beginning skill level appropriate to the grade level per the California Dance Standards.

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