Top 10 Reasons Why Students Take Nancy Gallenson's Adult Ballet


"I believe it is very difficult to teach adults.  Most people don’t understand that adults need a lot of encouragement, inspiration and belief from the teacher. The more they can get the better.  Nancy has those qualities.  I feel like she really enjoys teaching.  I take dance for more than just exercise, which most teachers think is the primary reason for attending.  Nancy builds faith in the individual that you can learn and progress."

                                                                        L. K. Mom and Actress



"My attitude improves knowing I have a ballet class with Nancy to look forward to after a hard day of legal confrontations, client interaction, endless paperwork and preparation which rarely comes to fruition.  I know my time in class will be productive and my efforts rewarded with an improved physique and positive mental outlook.  The goal is pure enjoyment.  It is a time for me, a time to appreciate the beauty of movement and of music.  The more I learn the greater the love and the rewards are endless."

                                                                        R.M. Trial Attorney



"Ballet relieves stress, helps me sleep, but more than that it makes me energetic and fills me with dreams. Nancy is a great teacher and I would follow her anywhere.  Ballet has done more for me than I can imagine.  I have become more energetic, lost weight, got my figure back and can’t wait till each class begins."

            S. V.  Electrical Engineer


"I come to Nancy’s class to develop and reflect upon myself as a student.  It is a simple motivation that brings me back week after week, for I am inspired every time I look in the mirror and catch a fleeting improvement in my form.  I like to tell myself that one day if I work at it long and hard enough, I might be the sum of all those tiny improvements.


Some day, I tell myself, I will find a greater dream…and yes it may very well be because I brought myself to Nancy’s class week after week, committing an hour and a half toward the advancement of a greater goal.  So that one day I might find the dancer I strive to be and the person I long to become."

                                                                        A.B. Student Marin Academy



"I have taken class from Nancy since 1975. She is the most conscientious, enthusiastic dance teacher that I have ever had.  I especially appreciate her constant individual attention and consistent awareness of bad habits that could cause injury.  After 20 years of dancing she remains the most fun and thorough teacher that I have had."

B.C. Professional/ Fine Artist


"As a writer and editor, my work involves long hours at the computer and the stress of constant deadlines.  I have attended Nancy Gallenson’s ballet classes for five years and they are the perfect antidotes for the potential negative physical effects of my profession.  I have done almost every form of exercise there is and I find ballet to be the most complete, combining as it does aerobic workout, strength building and flexibility throughout the entire body, and the meditation and relaxation of dancing and music.  I have often come to class tired, preoccupied, and with pain in my neck and shoulders from sitting at the computer.  Invariably, I leave feeling refreshed, energized, able to focus again and pain free.


Nancy’s teaching enhances the inherent benefits of ballet. She creates a class environment that is fun and at the same time dedicated to hard work.  Nancy is sensitive to the limits and recognizes the abilities of each person in her class. I have taken ballet from many teachers and Nancy is one of the best."

S.M.  Senior Editor



"I am the mother of a 9-year-old girl and used to dance professionally many years ago.  During my five years in Marin I have been a member of a gym doing aerobics until a friend introduced me to Nancy’s Class.  I feel more alive since taking Nancy’s class.  She has a sense of humor, a welcome nature and revitalized the thrill of dancing all over again."

                                                                        F.M.  Mom



"Nancy Gallenson’s classes help me in many ways.  As a teacher, they help me remember the delights and frustrations of learning.  I can be a student again and identify with my elementary students.  As a mom of a MDT dancer, Ballet gives my daughter and I a common bond- something special we both share.  I understand how difficult Ballet is and I truly applaud her efforts."

                                                                        A.L.   Teacher



"It has been 25 years since the idea of taking ballet class first entered my mind.  I had just been to a ballet performance and I was sitting at my desk at work when the idea took off.  I asked a co-worker who has a daughter in the dance world if adults take ballet and she answered with an enthusiastic yes.  I went right to the phone book, made a call and have been dancing ever since.  I started at a small school that had a few one-hour classes but it was enough to get be hooked.  Happily, I soon found another school where I could dance every day or more if I wanted. Heaven! The main reason I take class is because I love dance.  It is just part of me. It has led me to terrific experiences and also to priceless friendships.  The physical and mental benefits are the frosting on the cake.


There are some days when you don't feel quite up to it but as the music starts and you start moving through the space every negative feeling falls away.  It is the mental challenge as well as the physical that pushes out the thoughts of a hard day at work.  Since I've been taking class at MDT for the past year, I find that just being on that campus puts one in another world due to the beautiful architecture and the lovely surroundings.


Nancy Gallenson has always been part of my dance life.  I have known her for 24 of the 25 years and she has been very supportive of me as well as to all her students.  She truly loves teaching adults and has done so always with great energy and enthusiasm."

                                                                        C.M. Systems Specialist


1 ˝

"I don’t have to buy any Tae Bo tapes (just kidding)"



"Nancy Gallenson, the lady who awakens the passion of dance in me and continues to nurture my love for Ballet through her enthusiasm for teaching. In my constant pursuit for balance, she gives me the confidence to let go of the barre."