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Summerdance is on the way.
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Summerdance 2024 Programs are taking place in late June through early August.

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Marin Dance Theatre

Student & Parent

Reviews & Quotes


" We are grateful for the excellent training, but it's the life examples and friendships that are the true blessing. This community is home. "

A. Rasmussen

" My daughter has been at MDT for 11 years and she wouldn't have it any other way, we love MDT, the staff is wonderful and everyone there is like family older kids looking out for the little kids. It is a wonderful community to be a part of. "

C. Sauter

" MDT has been a home away from home for my daughter. She started at 3 years old and is now 14. She developed into a beautiful young dancer, built lasting friendships, and developed confidence on stage. Caring and loving teachers bring a wealth of professional experience not only as artists, but also as teachers. They go above and beyond supporting each student as a dancer and as an individual. Young people are challenged when they are ready, ensuring positive experience and healthy development. MDT is our family, and my daughter can't imagine life without it. "

I. Perry

" Not only is MDT a phenomenal environment to master the intricacies of dance/ballet, but it's a supportive, enriching and safe community of dancers and teachers to grow up with. "

H. Liebhauser