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Performance Opportunities

Why is it important to perform?

It's about vision and accomplishment

MDT provides several engaging opportunities to perform in a professional theatrical setting. These quality performances allow the students of MDT to experience artistic and technical growth in their craft during the rehearsal process. Outside of their regular curriculum, the performance element of MDT's season offers valuable opportunities to be coached by highly experienced, professional faculty. These annual performances allow for wonderful live stage experiences.

Dancers in Springfest 2022

and Enchanted Toyshop

Sophie and Enchanted Toyshop is our holiday ballet filled with color, energetic dance and magic. Created by MDT Artistic Director, Lynn Cox, this performance has been an audience favorite for over 25 years. With a wide variety of roles for dancers of all ages and abilities, Sophie and the Enchanted Toyshop weaves music and choreography to a sweet story of generosity and dreams. From the lively street scene to the magical snow scene and finishing up in a glorious toy shop come to life, this production allows the students of MDT to grow in their artistic presence and develop a strong versatility in their personal dance journey.


Springfest is a performance venue that MDT provides to its students in their dance education. Performed in a professional theater setting, Springfest brings together the training and dance styles in their curriculum and allows them to strengthen, enhance and enjoy dance in bigger and broader ways. Audiences will experience classical works, contemporary and musical theater pieces as well. The spring season at MDT is one that nurtures and grows the strengths and talents of the dancers with the lovely reward of presenting their accomplishments to an audience. Springfest is a wonderful opportunity for parents and the community to witness the levels of the school and how the progression of the levels are experienced.

Summer Showcase

Summer Showcase is our summer performance opportunity for MDT students. Open to every student that participates in our Summer Intensive program, Summer Showcase is a less formal venue used to showcase and demonstrate a variety of repertories studied during the intensive. Variations, character, contemporary and classical pieces are usually part of this demonstration. Lighting and costuming are not as elaborate as with Sophie and Springfest, however, it is still a wonderful opportunity for our dancers to work diligently on a piece of choreography or classwork to be presented to a live audience. This is an inclusive performance where students who come from other schools for the summer and who do not train with us year-round can still have the opportunity to perform with us.

Young Dancer

Year-End Demonstration

Our Young Dancer Year-End Demonstration is for our tiniest dancers. This year-end performance is their first introduction to getting up on stage in front of an audience. We intentionally hold this in our cozy auditorium on the St. Vincent's campus, with sunlight beaming in and lights on both the performers and the audience, so that the little ones can see their parents. This creates a comfortable and sweet experience for them. This approach gives our newest performers confidence and security to begin their performing journey. The teachers are close at hand, as well as older student demonstrators to help their experience to feel safe and encouraged. They perform steps and patterns that they have learned and prepared in their dance class. This is always a favorite day for staff and audience alike, as we watch the magic of performing begin to feel real.