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Junior Division

Curriculum Overview


Levels 1-3

Our young Junior levels are constructed to facilitate a love for dance while incorporating discipline, technique, and inspiration. Focus is essential to establishing a strong and healthy foundation for future ballet technique and training. Correct body placement, enhanced technical skills and vocabulary progression are all further developed in these levels. In addition to ballet technique classes, the junior curriculum includes specialty classes, such as contemporary, jazz, musical theater and an introduction to our pilates strengthening program. MDT prioritizes supporting the development of the full person, as well as the dancer, through our nurturing and encouraging faculty.


Levels 4-5

Our upper Junior levels will continue a well-established training regimen and begin the exciting transition to dancing on pointe. Pre-pointe and pilates strengthening is an essential component to further their success in classical dance education. In addition to their ballet technique and pointe classes, the upper division juniors will have contemporary, pilates mat and jazz classes in their curriculum. Artistry and performance skills will be enhanced and strengthened during these important years of dance development. Performance opportunities will provide invaluable stage experiences, build confidence and promote teamwork.