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Adaptive Dance

Experience the joy of dance and movement through MDT's Adaptive Dance Program, designed for students and individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other sensory sensitivities or disabilities.

Adaptive Dance

The art of dance provides unique opportunities for lifelong enrichment in physical, cognitive, and social & emotional skills. MDT's Adaptive Dance Program consists of a modified ballet technique combined with principles of creative movement in an inclusive, welcoming, structured, and adapted studio environment. All classes are taught by MDT faculty experienced in adaptive dance and with limited space available. Caregivers and family members are welcome to observe and/or participate in class.

Adaptive Dance

What to expect for In-person classes

  • · Classes will utilize elements of ballet and creative movement that will focus on patterns, proprioception, and artistic expression
  • · Throughout class, students and participants are welcome to sit if they need to take a break or they may exit the room with their caregiver and reenter at any time
  • · Students and participants should wear athletic wear, dance attire, or clothing that easily allows for movement. It is recommended to wear socks or dance slippers.

For More Information

Explore our pre-visit story and visual vocabulary to prepare for classes at MDT.
Adaptive Dance

Come dance with us!

MDT is a nonprofit organization and classes will operate on a donation basis at Marin Dance Theatre, Corte Madera studio · 403 Tamal Plaza, Corte Madera.

To register for classes or if you have any questions, please contact Julia Adams at julia@mdt.org or 415.499.8891