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Pilates & Injury Prevention

The Pilates program at MDT is founded firmly in the structure and principals of Pilates but offers a full dance conditioning program which aims to support the dancer by strengthening the body in a way that enhances Classical Ballet Technique and avoids injury. MDT has a fully equipped Pilates studio with Reformers, Trapezius Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and other small apparatus.

There are four key areas that we address within the program:


Classical Ballet is a unique art form that requires a very specific technique to achieve the level expected at each stage of development. The Pilates program at MDT strives to support attainment of this technique by targeting the key muscle groups required to achieve it.



All bodies are different and what is easy for some may be difficult for others. The program is focused on the needs of the individual dancer in regards to their unique physical attributes. We aim to address these differences to support each dancer on their journey and to achieve the best technique available to them.



The rigors of classical ballet training are both unique and physically demanding. While supporting better ballet technique, the program also helps to prevent injury. We address concerns on a weekly basis and offer preventative measures to avoid injury. As a part of this monitoring, we are aware of when to refer students to a physical therapist or sports medicine physician as appropriate.



For elite level dancers, injuries are often part of the journey. Having a full Pilates program at MDT means a dancer can continue training and working on individual rehabilitation even when they are not dancing. The value of this is not only continued conditioning but retraining of the technique to avoid further re-injury when returning to dance.